All of our Kelowna pizza are hand tossed and made using our homemade tomato sauce,
before they are topped with one hundred percent real mozzarella cheese and
cooked in our authentic stone pizza oven. half and half pizzas are NOT available.
pizzas are 12 inches

Specialty Pizza

Mamma Rosa Special $27
tomato sauce, capicollo, pepperoni, european back bacon, salami, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, black olives

Pizza Favorita $32
pesto sauce, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, & (12) gamberi (black tiger prawns)

Pizza Capricciosa (spicy) $22
tomato sauce, capers, garlic, mushrooms, peperoncino
add homemade sausage $6, or pollo (chicken) – $7

Godfather $25
tomato sauce, capicollo, ham, mushrooms, green peppers

Pizza Fiorentina $24
tomato sauce, spinach, ricotta cheese, fresh (baked) tomatoes

Pizza Greca $26
tomato sauce, olives, green peppers, red peppers, onions, goat feta cheese, fresh (baked) tomatoes

Pizza Del Sole $24
tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, ricotta cheese

Pizza Siciliana (spicy) $24
tomato sauce, anchovies, onions, peperoncino, oregano

Meat Lovers $26
tomato sauce, beef, pepperoni, salami, ham
add homemade sausage $6

Pizza Margherita $24
tomato sauce, fresh basil, bocconicni cheese

Classic Pizza

Hawaiian $22
ham, pineapple

Formaggio $18
mozzarella cheese

Classic Pepperoni $21
italian pepperoni

Canadian $24
pepperoni, mushrooms, European back bacon

Vegetarian $23
mushrooms, onions, green peppers, olives, fresh (baked) tomatoes

Amore $24
pepperoni, mushrooms,
green peppers, onions

create your own pizza! start with the formaggio, then select your own toppings from the columns below!

Extras add any of these toppings to our fabulous pizzas (pricing per item)

homemade sausage - $7sun dried tomatoes - $4onions - $2
pollo (chicken breast) - $8goat cheese - $4pepperoni - $2
anchovies - $4capers - $2pineapple - $2
beef - $4garlic - $2red peppers - $2
capicollo - $4green peppers - $2salami - $2
european back bacon - $4ham - $2tomatoes - $2
goat feta cheese - $4mushrooms - $2banana peppers - $2
marinated artichokes - $4olives - $2extra sauce - $2
mozzarella cheese - $4

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