Veal & Chicken dishes are served with your choice of salad,
or pasta of the day with our homemade meat sauce
substitute spaghetti with meat sauce for $2
substitute fettuccine alfredo for $5

Veal Dishes

Veal Parmigiana $29
tender veal cutlet covered in tomato sauce, spices & ham, topped with mozzarella cheese,then baked

Veal Picatta $29
tender veal cooked with mushrooms, lemon and white wine
add artichoke hearts and capers $5

Veal Pizzaiola $29
tender veal cooked with zesty tomato sauce, capers, green olives & a touch of cream

Veal Pescatore $39
tender veal cooked with scallops, shrimp, prawns, red peppers & onions, served in a white wine cream sauce
add lobster tail – Market Price

Chicken Dishes

Pollo Parmigiana $26
chicken breast covered in tomato sauce, spices & ham, topped with mozzarella cheese, then baked

Pollo Capriccio (spicy) $26
chicken breast cooked with a spicy tomato sauce, with mushrooms, capers and garlic

Pollo al Pesto $26
chicken breast sauteed with mushrooms in our homemade creamy pesto sauce

Add these extras to any meal

meatballs $6freshly grated parmigiano reggiano cheese $3scallops (6) - Market Priceantipasto olives $7
mushrooms $4fresh garlic $1gamberi (prawns) (6) $10homemade mozzarella
toast $5
extra homemade garlic toast (2) $2olive oil & vinegar dip
(for bread) $3
shrimp (Canadian) $7extra sauce (TS/MS) $2
mozzarealla cheese (baked) $5gluten free pasta $3chicken breast $8extra sauce (other) $5
homemade sausage $7prosciutto crudo $7baby clams $7split pasta dishes $2
sun dried tomatoes $3broccoli $4Lobster Tail - Market Pricesplit baked dishes $5
artichoke hearts $4hot peppers $2

entrées include 2 peices of our homemade garlic bread
please inform your server if parmesan cheese is not desired, & alert them of any allergies
half portions are not available ~ there may be charges for substitutions, please ask your server

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